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Is podcasting in your future?

I attended an incredible entrepreneurs weekend in September, hosting by Jonathan Fields of The Good Life Project. The weekend was supposed to be fun and inspiring – which is was. AND it was helpful with business ideas, which was equally inspiring. The biggest surprise for me was a presentation by John Lee Dumas about podcasting. Podcasting was not on my radar screen as a business opportunity, but John’s success is compelling.

About 2 years ago, John was commuting into Boston everyday and was frustrated at how little “good stuff” there was on the radio. He started downloading podcasts and loved the content – except that there wasn’t enough to choose from. So he started a series of podcasts called Entrepreneur on Fire. John interviews 7 entrepreneurs every week – so there is lots of content. He keeps the interviews to a half-hour max, and follows a pretty simple question format. The interviews are done via Skype, recorded on high-quality, but not overly expensive microphones.

If you visit EOF at the link above, you’ll see that John now trains others on how to do podcasts – and is incredibly generous with the details. AND you’ll see on his sight how much money EOF is making through their podcasts. In August alone, they took in over $250,000 – mostly from sponsors.

If the money alone is not compelling, the clincher to me of why you might want to start a brand podcast now is that in 2015, new cars will have have podcasts as part of the radio.

That, added to the fact that listeners still don’t have a wide range of podcasts to listen to, smells of success to me.

Catalog University plans to start podcasting in January. If you jump on board, let us know and let’s compare notes!

We love cool, new stuff… 🙂

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Janie Downey
Co-founder Catalog University