Getting Social: Finding the ROI in Social Advertising

Social advertising is one of the hardest channels to attribute clear ROI. Yet its targeting offers the best way to connect more deeply with your customers. Most retailers think of social advertising as a necessary evil. In this talk, you’ll learn how it can be a great connector! On Wednesday, 7/12, at noon EST, Sandra Rand, […]

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

There’s no question that that social media has a big role in the lives of American consumers today. Last year, over 74% of adults regularly used at least one social networking site. Of the top two social networking sites, Facebook gets 900M unique visitors every month followed by Twitter with over 310M monthly visitors. YouTube […]

Tweet Chats

Become a thought leader 140 characters at a time. Tweet chats are a thing. A group gets on Twitter and they all “Chat” within the group using hashtags. When I first heard of them I thought, “Seriously?” We tweet about Cat-U events and posts, so I see the Twitter stream, but it pretty much babbles along without my […]


Back when Walter Cronkite was broadcasting, there was just news. Somewhere between USA Today and Fox News, news became less about accurate information and more about keeping viewers engaged, it became infotainment. Media structures are being shattered by the web. Curated information is no longer the rarified domain of media conglomerates, and infotainment is the […]

3 Tips for Business Bloggers

You don’t get style points for strange I try to follow all things catalog and I received the post below from a blog I follow(ed) called Thought Catalog, here’s the beginning of the post: “Thai Food Is God’s Gift To Humanity It is Sunday night in the city. December. The world smells like a urine […]

Oh Bloody Hell! Your blog is probably broken.

I’ve heard rumblings about Feedburner going away for a while. Who cares? Well if you have a blog and people have subscribed to it, then you need to keep reading or forward this to IT. Back in the dark ages of social, around 2006, Feedburner was the quick and easy way to allow readers to […]

Creating a Happy Catalog

Sonja Lyubomirsky, a happiness researcher, found 12 things that happy people do differently to increase their levels of happiness. As I read down the list it occurred to me that all of these things could be applied to cataloging. See if you agree. Express gratitude. When was the last time you said “Thank you!” to your customers? Have […]

What’s up with Cats and Bacon?

The Sad Cat Diary may be the best cat video I’ve seen but it certainly isn’t the first. And who can forget the bacon bra—even if you want to? Cats and bacon own the internet – but why? One could argue that they are both bad for you or that they are both the best thing ever. […]

Social Deep Dive Turns up Hookers and Gold

I spent the last 2 weeks doing a deep dive into social media. I went in thinking it was a giant time suck with limited ROI. (Yes, my first 15 followers on Twitter were hookers.) I came out a total convert because of tools, ideas, and strategies I didn’t know existed. Here’s a review of […]