3 Tips for Business Bloggers

You don’t get style points for strange I try to follow all things catalog and I received the post below from a blog I follow(ed) called Thought Catalog, here’s the beginning of the post: “Thai Food Is God’s Gift To Humanity It is Sunday night in the city. December. The world smells like a urine […]

Invest in Yourself

Over the weekend, I finished reading, Control Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends on It, by Mitch Joel. I picked up a ton of ideas. #1: If you aren’t excited about going to work on Monday mornings, you are wasting time and energy on something you shouldn’t be working on. Work […]

Joy first. Work second.

My banker (at Bank of America – but I still love her) was trying to find my contact info on-line to get info about tickets to a show I was in. She googled me and saw the number of organizations I am involved with – and suggested I post something about getting things done. So […]