Learn about podcasting

Is podcasting in your future?

I attended an incredible entrepreneurs weekend in September, hosting by Jonathan Fields of The Good Life Project. The weekend was supposed to be fun and inspiring – which is was. AND it was helpful with business ideas, which was equally inspiring. The biggest surprise for me was a presentation by John Lee Dumas about podcasting. […]

77 Innovative Marketing Ideas

Please join us on Sept 10th at 1:00 ET when the Cat-U Pub opens for the season with host Andrea Syverson. Andrea is an industry Brand Expert and will be talking about ways to keep your marketing ideas fresh. Never miss a free pub talk by pre-registering! We give everyone who preregisters access to the […]

Leveraging the power of the sales receipt?

The guy who invented Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, is now taking on the sales receipt. (Mitch Joel mentioned that in his last blog post.) After a moment of head scratching I went from “Seriously?” to “Interesting!” Not just because I am still trying to figure out who sent me the book From Paris to Provence […]

17 Tips from Amy Africa’s web critique checklist

Amy Africa, at Eight by Eight Marketing, has been involved with website development since its inception. Her thinking is clear, and her advice includes details you can act on now. Amy did a website critique at a recent NEMOA directXchange conference. Here’s a list of my take-aways from this awesome session. FYI: I was writing […]

How one company grew sales from $2.2 mil to $80 mil in 3 years

Alex and Ani was founded as a jewelry-making company in 2004, based in Newport, RI. Giovanni Feroce became CEO in 2010, and in the past three years, has helped sales increase from $2.2 million to $80M, with on-line sales going from $200,000 to $30M. A&A now has 50 retail stores and 874 employees. Giovanni calls […]