Off-site Meeting Ideas

One of the best ways to get a fresh perspective on work is to get away from the office. Janie and I filmed bits of our last off-site meeting so you could see how the experience created a shift in focus and gave us both permission to be creative and think outside the box. I live […]

Why Made in America Matters to Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani believes that just making money isn’t enough. When Alex and Ani CEO Giovanni Feroce spoke at the 2013 Fall directXchange conference he talked about Alex and Ani’s triple bottom line: Economic, Environmental and Social. He attributes their remarkable success (20 million to over 200 million in 4 years) to weaving all three […]


Back when Walter Cronkite was broadcasting, there was just news. Somewhere between USA Today and Fox News, news became less about accurate information and more about keeping viewers engaged, it became infotainment. Media structures are being shattered by the web. Curated information is no longer the rarified domain of media conglomerates, and infotainment is the […]

Better Than Money—Herding Cats in 3 Easy Steps

I watched a wonderful video on creating drive for your employees based on a talk by Dan Pink. It turns out that while traditional reward systems work for mechanical skills they actually reduces drive for jobs that require cognitive performance. It seems counter intuitive but monetary rewards don’t work for jobs that require thought. For that you […]

We Graded Ourselves. Two F’s—Ouch!

Good idea? Bad idea? We weren’t really sure. We  didn’t like the idea of “grades”, and thought the whole thing might be a waste of time. But as co-founders and business partners of Catalog University, the only real oversight we get is what we give ourselves. Our goal was to document the discussion because we […]

How Direct Marketing Won and Lost the Election

The most remarkable thing about this election for direct marketers wasn’t who won or lost but the decisive role direct marketing played in the final outcome. I was lucky enough to attend a post-election discussion with Darrel M. West, formerly a Brown Professor and currently a VP at the Brookings Institute. Here are some of […]