Processes, People and Products to Become 100% Customer-Focused

In the new consumer-driven age, direct marketer and retailer MacKenzie-Childs decided to shift their focus from individual marketing programs to a strategy based on reaching customers where and when they should be reached. Their improved ability to acquire and retain customers will be presented in this talk from two perspectives: from retailer MacKenzie-Childs, and from their technology […]

Using Research to Build your Brand

Many of us neglect taking the time to thoroughly research a new project before jumping in. On Wednesday, 9/30, at noon ET, we are delighted to have Chris Hayes, EVP of Brand Strategy at J. Schmid, join us to give us the how-tos to make research work for your brand. Pub talks are always free. […]

Are Catalogs on a Death March?

Really? Is anyone still asking this question? If you are working in the Omni-channel world I’m sure you almost smirk when hearing this question. It’s no secret catalogs simply work. Has the role of a catalog changed? Absolutely. While it still acts as a transactional tactic it’s role as a brand engagement tool is undeniable. […]