What Have You Learned Today?

In the “old days,” you attended K-12 classes. Then maybe you went to college, got a degree, got a job and progressed by working hard or making lateral moves to other companies to get ahead. Throughout your career, you learned from experienced people you worked with, and maybe you got a grad degree, but even […]

Cats & Bacon: Direct Marketing Year in Review 2016

Sarah Fletcher and I have a collective weird sense of humor which is a really good asset to have when you’re running a website! Running a website AND keeping track of the twists and turns of our ever-evolving industry? That ALWAYS gives us points to ponder and a good laugh. Sort of like Cats and […]

The Best Marketing Lesson I Ever Got

When I was a kid, I grew up in an art department. My mother was an art director, so after school I walked to her office and did my homework. Years later, When I decided to get into the business, I went to an awards show hoping I would be able to connect with the […]

Catalog Overview – New Resource Available

Every year the DMA produces their Statistical Fact Book, filled with industry trends and statistics compiled to help marketers in their efforts. For the first time, they have included category introductions for each of the 14 categories, including catalog, Internet, email, search, mobile and social. If you are interested in purchasing your copy of the […]

You Scream. I Scream. The Police Come. It’s Awkward

If you are looking for inspiration for next steps with social media, check out Scott Straten’s website and blog: Un-Marketing. The bottom line for Scott with social marketing is: Don’t try to game the system. Do things worth talking about. Evoke emotion. Do stuff worth sharing. Here’s a clip from his talk at the NEMOA […]


Back when Walter Cronkite was broadcasting, there was just news. Somewhere between USA Today and Fox News, news became less about accurate information and more about keeping viewers engaged, it became infotainment. Media structures are being shattered by the web. Curated information is no longer the rarified domain of media conglomerates, and infotainment is the […]

Think Brand Campaign!

For years, the catalog model has worked. We knew who to mail, when to mail, what to mail — and it worked! It was down-right easy to turn a few knobs and create incremental response. And while the traditional model still works, it’s certainly not as formulaic as it once was. In fact, I think […]

17 Tips from Amy Africa’s web critique checklist

Amy Africa, at Eight by Eight Marketing, has been involved with website development since its inception. Her thinking is clear, and her advice includes details you can act on now. Amy did a website critique at a recent NEMOA directXchange conference. Here’s a list of my take-aways from this awesome session. FYI: I was writing […]

Loyalty is dead. Actually it never existed. You need fans.

Everyone talks about customer loyalty as though it is a magical quality that some brands just get. That’s silly. Apple didn’t “create” loyalty. They created a collection of products that work together seamlessly. These products look great and are crazy intuitive. I own multiple Apple products, but am I loyal? Yes and No. If Apple […]