Using Digital Marketing to Pull Shoppers into Retail Stores

Some think digital marketing is killing off retail stores, but the truth is it can save them. New research shows you how. Online may seem big, but 94% of sales happen elsewhere. No doubt, retail store shopping can be frustrating. Two out of three consumers don’t find the information they need in-store. 43% leave frustrated. […]

Quality Score Impacts on Pay-per-Click Advertising

Your Google AdWords Quality Score measures of the quality, relevance, and performance of Pay-per-Click advertising campaigns at the keyword level. It affects: Your Cost per Click The Volume of Traffic The Position of Ads Google’s goal with Quality Score is to ensure the ads that show up on their search engine results page are the […]

Critique Your Own Website Like a Pro

In my work with my E-Commerce clients, I’m often in a position where I need to provide a review of a site in a thorough and professional way.  And having just done two site critiques as part of Catalog University’s Critique Month, I thought I’d share my thinking on how to go about this interesting […]