Change B2B into T2T and really engage your customers

  I keep hearing “…but what about B2B?” like it exists in a completely separate universe. B2B is not building to building. Businesses are run by people, inspired by people and ultimately for people to use in their work life. The guy in the suit leaning back in his chair at the meeting is going […]

Social Deep Dive Turns up Hookers and Gold

I spent the last 2 weeks doing a deep dive into social media. I went in thinking it was a giant time suck with limited ROI. (Yes, my first 15 followers on Twitter were hookers.) I came out a total convert because of tools, ideas, and strategies I didn’t know existed. Here’s a review of […]

You’re welcome, who the heck are you?

Yesterday I got a thank you note. I LOVE thank you notes. I love getting them—they stroke my ego. I love when my clients send them—it strokes their customers’ egos and makes a great connection, throw in an offer or coupon and I get shivers. So imagine my surprise when I didn’t know who it […]

Video Use in Direct Marketing

Catalog University I keep hearing that video use is going to be expanding greatly with more bandwidth on the web, on iPads, and on mobile devices. So I decided to take a look at what direct marketers are currently doing with video on their websites. I was surprised to find that only a handful of […]

How Direct Marketing Won and Lost the Election

The most remarkable thing about this election for direct marketers wasn’t who won or lost but the decisive role direct marketing played in the final outcome. I was lucky enough to attend a post-election discussion with Darrel M. West, formerly a Brown Professor and currently a VP at the Brookings Institute. Here are some of […]