E-commerce Insights into Mary Meeker’s 2014 Slideshow

Mary Meeker, legendary Internet analyst, annually updates us on the current State of the Internet. Always a stop-everything-and-read presentation, this year’s does not disappoint. A particular focus this year was on ecommerce. Let’s dig in. One surprise is how quickly tablets have taken off, achieving a growth curve that outpaces and outnumbers PCs. Time to put […]

6 Online Display Marketing Terms to Know

ROS or RON (Run of Site or Run of Network) – These ads will show anywhere on the site or network. Sometimes the ROS/RON parts of a campaign outperform more targeted ad filtering. ROS/RON inventory costs tend to be the lowest, so arithmetically; it is easier to get a campaign closer to ROI+ when you start […]

The 5 phases of a sale and how to leverage them

Selling is more than product + photo + copy + promotion = sale. I have stepped out the sales process to help you see the opportunities present at each phase. Coming up with new presentations, promotions and ideas is easier when you break it down. With the holiday season gearing up, (you e-commerce folks still […]

A Strange Phenomenom, Indeed!

In a world in which digital marketing continues to outpace its print brethren, a new catalog brand seems to mail every month. That’s not the strange part. What’s strange is WHO is mailing these catalogs. Some of these brands include merchants who currently sell through bricks and mortar stores (both branded and big box) and […]

How customers feel is what’s important

I was listening to a Good Life Project interview with Danielle LaPorte that made me think. Danielle has a unique perspective on life. She never went to college but was the Director of Social Inventions for The Body Shop, has worked in a Washington D.C. think tank, written best selling books and just began publishing a […]

17 Tips from Amy Africa’s web critique checklist

Amy Africa, at Eight by Eight Marketing, has been involved with website development since its inception. Her thinking is clear, and her advice includes details you can act on now. Amy did a website critique at a recent NEMOA directXchange conference. Here’s a list of my take-aways from this awesome session. FYI: I was writing […]

Invest in Yourself

Over the weekend, I finished reading, Control Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends on It, by Mitch Joel. I picked up a ton of ideas. #1: If you aren’t excited about going to work on Monday mornings, you are wasting time and energy on something you shouldn’t be working on. Work […]