The Note that Made Me a Fan Girl

I’ve been getting the Soft Surroundings catalog for a few years now. I always look through it, but until this month have never made a purchase. Their persistence paid off. When my new clothes arrived, they were wrapped in foam and tissue. It was so very clear that they were precious. It was obvious that I had […]

8 Habits of People Who Always Have Great Ideas

I loved an article this morning in Fast Company. The big messages for me include: We all have the capacity to be creative. Creativity takes time. Truly creative people are will to take the risk to start from scratch with a new idea. These are ALL tricky concepts for creative folks in direct marketing. We tend to […]


Design matters. I believe this with all my heart. In my 30 years of working with brands large, small and in-between have only deepened my belief in this simple statement. Unfortunately, there’s too much bland design in the marketplace today… design that could and should be so much better. I’m talking about the kind of […]

Christmas is 26 Fridays Away. Really.

It’s July and the Hallmark Channel is introducing the 2015 Christmas Ornament so you know it’s time for your holiday marketing checklist.  You should be planning for a great 4th quarter (or 5th quarter if you are in the gift business) because the general outlook is in your favor. Consumer Confidence is up, and consumers […]

3 Axioms of Merchandising

An axiom, or postulate, is a premise or starting point of reasoning. The word comes from the Greek axíōma, “that which is thought worthy or fit” or “that which commends itself as evident.” As used in modern logic, an axiom is simply a premise or starting point for reasoning. There may be many more axioms that can apply to merchandising.  However, […]

The Best Marketing Lesson I Ever Got

When I was a kid, I grew up in an art department. My mother was an art director, so after school I walked to her office and did my homework. Years later, When I decided to get into the business, I went to an awards show hoping I would be able to connect with the […]

Magalogs and Unicorns

As pure play, e-commerce companies look for ways to get new customers, and pay-per-click and display ads get more and more expensive, catalog are starting to look good again. But they are soooo old fashioned, the next generation will, of course, need to reinvent them and turn them into Magalogs. The wonders of the mythical Magalog […]

How to Ease the Pain of Proofing!

Please join us on Wednesday, 4/22, at noon EDT with industry expert Lauren Ackerman as we talk about best practices with proofing – and how to make this process less painful. Register below!

Using Single Product Offers to Grow your House File

What’s the best way to get a prospective buyer to purchase from your brand for the first time? In a world full of competitors, what can make you stand out from the crowd? How about an offer they simply can’t refuse? In this Pub Talk on Wednesday, 4/01 at noon EDT, Allen Abbott, CohereOne Senior […]

How to be interesting

Marketers sometimes get so focused on trying to “get the message out!!!” that they’re no longer interesting to the people whose attention they want to get. We’ve all been in those meetings where everyone leans forward and the head marketer says “We need to focus on our core message.” And everyone nods. Right, the core […]