You’re Smarter. Avoid the Reduction in Revenue.

How to avoid a plunge in revenue. Stories from the trenches. In the past three years I’ve seen these three things happen to more than one client. Don’t be next. I write this as a perspective to any cataloger who is considering one of these paths. Email is not a 1:1 replacement for the mail […]

Matchbacks Are Bothering Me. My New Year’s Resolution.

It’s the end of the year and my New Year’s Resolution for 2016 will be focused on figuring out why match rates for the matchback are so low. Have you seen your match rate lately?  Is the low rate bothering anyone else?  (If you’re not familiar with matchbacks, look to the bottom of this blog […]

Check The Merge/Purge for Freebies

Fresh eyes are usually a welcomed opportunity and in the Circulation Business, developing mail plans for clients allows me to look at the merge/purge data that most people don’t. And let me tell you, lotsa good stuff in the merge/purge data. Here are a few quick tips that may allow you to find some additional […]

Actual Useful Information About #TheDress and Accurate Color

The average customer doesn’t understand how the images they see on their screen got there. It’s voodoo, magic, and for online retailers a customer service problem waiting to happen. #TheDress is much ado about something that actually matters to all retailers and I’ll try to keep the “why” as non-techy as possible. You can’t control Color You can’t […]

Can You Replace Catalogs with Mailers?

As the price of postage has gone up, less expensive mailers have started to look better and better. Can you replace a poorly performing catalog drop with a slim jim catalog or a tri-fold mailer? Yes. (Notice I said “poorly performing”.) Sometimes a changeup in the mailing lineup gets more attention at a lower cost. […]

The Bribe or the Brand?

This holiday season, you’ll see more offers, promotions, teasers … well, more bribes to drive a sale than any other time of the year. With an expected holiday consumer spending more than $619 billion dollars, according to Internet Retailer, brands around the country are scrambling for their piece of the pie. Is the “bribe” necessarily […]

Creating Engagement

Lessons from catalogs past I was looking through the most recent Lands’ End catalog and I realized that I really missed Lee Eisenberg. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Eisenberg (I’ve only heard him speak and had a brief chat at the GCIC years ago.) he was the driving force behind the best […]

Using Catalogs to Drive Retail Sales

Loved this article in the Wall Street Journal, with quotes from many of our catalog and retail friends. Here are a few highlights. Craig Elbert, vice president of marketing for Bonobos, says that customers  who get a catalog spend 1.5 times as much as new shoppers who didn’t receive a catalog first. “A catalog gives […]