5 Copy Tips for Increasing Catalog Sales

It’s February and the one time of the year that most copywriters aren’t buried in new products. It’s the perfect time to look at your catalog’s copy with fresh eyes and make it even better. If your copy needs a boost, here are 5 copy tips that may help. Develop a strong message for each catalog Customers are always […]

Creating Engagement

Lessons from catalogs past I was looking through the most recent Lands’ End catalog and I realized that I really missed Lee Eisenberg. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Eisenberg (I’ve only heard him speak and had a brief chat at the GCIC years ago.) he was the driving force behind the best […]

What Catalog Creatives Can Learn from a French Fry.

The french fries were a revelation. Slightly thinner than you might expect, turned perfectly golden. Tossed lightly in sea salt and pepper, they were enough to get my attention. But the chef had added a drizzle of olive oil perfumed with finely chopped basil and a touch of vinegar. Perfection. After my meal, which was […]