The P.O.W.E.R. of Copy!

Words have power. The power to inspire. The power to connect. The power to compel you to get up off your behind and do something!  So…how exactly do words do that? Better question: how can YOU make them do that? It’s challenging enough to get consumers to read catalogs. So when they do read, you […]

How to Write Great Headlines

Please join us on Weds, 11/18, at Noon EST. Writing great headlines is hard. But even if you have never written a headline, there are techniques that make it easier. Sarah Fletcher, Creative Director for Catalog Design Studios and Co-founder of Catalog University has been writing headlines for years. She’ll share how she determines what […]

More than a Book: Creating Interactive Engagement with InDesign

iPads have become mainstream and companies as diverse as General Electric and Hallmark are discovering that creating iBooks is a smart way to introduce products to consumers, create HR manuals, create B2B catalogs and more. Pinch and zoom photos, videos and other features make the platform interactive and much more effective than printed or PDF […]