Tips for Building a Great Team

In his new book Smarter, Faster, Better, Charles Duhigg looks at what makes a great team. One case study looks at Google where a group of innovative thinkers spent four years trying to answer this question. First, they looked at who was on a team and could find no pattern. It was only when they looked […]

The Bribe or the Brand?

This holiday season, you’ll see more offers, promotions, teasers … well, more bribes to drive a sale than any other time of the year. With an expected holiday consumer spending more than $619 billion dollars, according to Internet Retailer, brands around the country are scrambling for their piece of the pie. Is the “bribe” necessarily […]

Off-site Meeting Ideas

One of the best ways to get a fresh perspective on work is to get away from the office. Janie and I filmed bits of our last off-site meeting so you could see how the experience created a shift in focus and gave us both permission to be creative and think outside the box. I live […]

3 Tips for Business Bloggers

You don’t get style points for strange I try to follow all things catalog and I received the post below from a blog I follow(ed) called Thought Catalog, here’s the beginning of the post: “Thai Food Is God’s Gift To Humanity It is Sunday night in the city. December. The world smells like a urine […]

Pick up the Phone—Sheesh!

One of the biggest barriers to great catalogs is poor communication. Poor communication between the merchants and the creative team and poor communication between Copywriters and Art Directors. (There is probably more bad communication in other areas, I just don’t see it.) Because catalogers all know that the press date doesn’t change, we develop a […]

Worst People Skills

I read a great article last month at on the worst people skills in a manager. The article made me reflect back on great and bad managers I have had to deal with. If I did my own list, it would include: Don’t care. Are mean. Are more interested in getting ahead than they are in […]