Matchbacks Are Bothering Me. My New Year’s Resolution.

It’s the end of the year and my New Year’s Resolution for 2016 will be focused on figuring out why match rates for the matchback are so low. Have you seen your match rate lately?  Is the low rate bothering anyone else?  (If you’re not familiar with matchbacks, look to the bottom of this blog […]

Marketers Kiss and Tell…Stronger Revenue for Valentine’s Day

Yesterday (1/5/15) the first Valentine’s Catalog arrived in my mailbox…a catalog filled with delicious looking confections!  Since I’ve not previously purchased from this company, I’d consider myself a prospect (and a very good one at that!)  The catalog sure made me stop and look, but the brutal reality of marketing sweets in January has to […]

Are Catalogs on a Death March?

Really? Is anyone still asking this question? If you are working in the Omni-channel world I’m sure you almost smirk when hearing this question. It’s no secret catalogs simply work. Has the role of a catalog changed? Absolutely. While it still acts as a transactional tactic it’s role as a brand engagement tool is undeniable. […]