Avocado dog food

Everytime you add new product you have to position it. Positioning is the story you tell the customer about why they want it and what it will do for them. The first and most important question is “What is it good for?” That isn’t a simple question—consider the avocado. In the 70’s, when avocado growers were […]

Surprise—she’s not your customer!

Here are two catalogs that came in the mail recently, Leonisa and Venus. They are both strong covers, both have strong messaging, though Venus is the clear winner on that front. You would think that I would be giving them both big thumbs up, but I’m not. They were completely wasted, would have gone right […]

Peanut Names

Here’s a direct marketing tip that is so wonderful you just have to laugh. I was at the NEMOA conference talking with a group about the dustup Bill LaPierre is having with the co-ops when Todd Smith, president of Whitley’s Peanuts, said “I have a co-op success story. We told the co-ops to get us a […]