It’s that changeup time of year

I’m not really much of a baseball gal (Go Sox!) but the changeup I’m talking about is the cover changeup. Every year all good catalogers will take the results from the previous year and see which covers did the best. There is always the winner that works every time. A hero shot of the best […]

Does Flow Matter for Catalog Pagination?

Over the last few years, we have been working with several internet pure play companies who are just getting into cataloging. One of the things I’ve noticed is they are very focused on the flow of the catalog. I think that coming from the internet they really value a narrative, because it’s really hard to […]


Design matters. I believe this with all my heart. In my 30 years of working with brands large, small and in-between have only deepened my belief in this simple statement. Unfortunately, there’s too much bland design in the marketplace today… design that could and should be so much better. I’m talking about the kind of […]

Form follows function

What does it do? Why is it being offered? What is the best use of this space? The hardest part of design is figuring out the why and the what. Any artistic person can make something pretty but pretty isn’t the point. It is much harder, but more important, to find the why and the […]

4 Tips to Help You Critique Your Catalog’s Cover

Covers are usually the first thing customers see. If you can get them to open the catalog and start shopping your chances of making a sale skyrocket. 1. Does Your Cover Appeal to Your Audience? If your customers are chic the cover needs to be beautiful. Make sure you are spending enough on photography to delight […]

The Gift of Fresh Eyes

Want to stand out in the crowded market place? Mail something. Not email, not voice mail, not texting, good old fashioned mail. The kind of mail that requires you to put a stamp on it. The kind that you hold in your hands when it arrives. The kind that makes you think “Wow, I wonder […]

Bored? Afraid? Confused? Curiosity is the cure.

Work is not a chore, not a hill to climb, when you are curious. What would this look like in red? What if I got really close? When was this invented? Who would it benefit the most? Is there another way to look at the data? Work is not dangerous or draining when you are […]