Can You Replace Catalogs with Mailers?

As the price of postage has gone up, less expensive mailers have started to look better and better. Can you replace a poorly performing catalog drop with a slim jim catalog or a tri-fold mailer? Yes. (Notice I said “poorly performing”.) Sometimes a changeup in the mailing lineup gets more attention at a lower cost. […]

The Bribe or the Brand?

This holiday season, you’ll see more offers, promotions, teasers … well, more bribes to drive a sale than any other time of the year. With an expected holiday consumer spending more than $619 billion dollars, according to Internet Retailer, brands around the country are scrambling for their piece of the pie. Is the “bribe” necessarily […]

Creating Engagement

Lessons from catalogs past I was looking through the most recent Lands’ End catalog and I realized that I really missed Lee Eisenberg. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Eisenberg (I’ve only heard him speak and had a brief chat at the GCIC years ago.) he was the driving force behind the best […]

Welcome to the hunt—now go have fun!

“Play is nature’s training ground for the hunt.” I think that line is somewhere in every nature show I have ever watched. (Queue the cute lion cubs wrestling.) For customers “the hunt” is finding the perfect item at a price they want to pay, then bagging it and taking it home to their dens. For […]

The Gift of Fresh Eyes

Want to stand out in the crowded market place? Mail something. Not email, not voice mail, not texting, good old fashioned mail. The kind of mail that requires you to put a stamp on it. The kind that you hold in your hands when it arrives. The kind that makes you think “Wow, I wonder […]

You’re welcome, who the heck are you?

Yesterday I got a thank you note. I LOVE thank you notes. I love getting them—they stroke my ego. I love when my clients send them—it strokes their customers’ egos and makes a great connection, throw in an offer or coupon and I get shivers. So imagine my surprise when I didn’t know who it […]

Call me goofy, but where’s the love?

After flipping through the most recent stack of catalogs that came through my mail slot I have to say felt bored. Pretty images, some interesting typography but none of them did more than display items and I got bored. Those catalogs didn’t sell me anything, and most of them didn’t even try. They showed me […]