Catalog Review – The Challah Connection

We’re excited for our first Catalog Review of the year. On Wednesday, March 8th at noon EST, Neal Schuler from the J. Schmid Agency, will walk us through his thoughts and suggestions for The Challah Connection catalog. What can you learn by hearing brilliant insights about someone else’s catalog? How about… What makes a great cover? What works […]

How Do You Keep Copy Fresh?

We recently got two great copy questions from our “Pub Regulars”: How do you keep copy fresh when you sell the same product over and over? How do you give similar products a life of their own? Jeff Ryan wrote copy for L.L.Bean for 19 years and has gone on to write copy for dozens of […]

Catalogs After Dark with Matt Fey

We can’t wait to have J. Schmid Creative Director Matt Fey back in the Pub this fall. Matt will be talking about how to seduce customers with the provocative art of words and pictures. Matt will be showing how you can find the sex appeal in ANY brand, product, or service. Yow! How can you miss […]

Research that makes you say, “Oh crap!”

The research stopped me cold. And I seriously thought our team had it right … we didn’t. Let me back up to the beginning. At J. Schmid one of our mantras is that catalogs should DISRUPT, DELIGHT and DRIVE. I’d like to focus on the latter. Catalogs should DRIVE customers or prospects to DO something. […]

How to Write Great Headlines

Please join us on Weds, 11/18, at Noon EST. Writing great headlines is hard. But even if you have never written a headline, there are techniques that make it easier. Sarah Fletcher, Creative Director for Catalog Design Studios and Co-founder of Catalog University has been writing headlines for years. She’ll share how she determines what […]

How do you write sales copy for SEO and Google that doesn’t suck?

The new Google algorithm, code name hummingbird, is changing the way we write web copy. It was designed to keep naughty copywriters from endlessly repeating keywords to get better rankings. Google’s noble goal is to make the web more user friendly by rewarding content rather than keyword stuffing. Good sales copy follows a hierarchy of […]

SLAP! 5 Copywriting Errors Costing You Money

I read a good article about copywriting. It was to the point and spot on. The one take-away that was new to me was S.L.A.P.  The point was to ensure your copywriter follows the S.L.A.P. rules to compel your reader (prospective buyer) to: Stop Look or Listen Act Purchase Here’s the link to the full […]