Model vs RFM

Each of us wants to mail to the right customer at the right time with right product and the right offer. And particularly with circulation (that’s the term used to figure out which customers or prospects receive the campaign) there’s a wonderful combination of historical performance (industry or specific within the company) as well as […]

Pick up the Phone—Sheesh!

One of the biggest barriers to great catalogs is poor communication. Poor communication between the merchants and the creative team and poor communication between Copywriters and Art Directors. (There is probably more bad communication in other areas, I just don’t see it.) Because catalogers all know that the press date doesn’t change, we develop a […]

Change B2B into T2T and really engage your customers

  I keep hearing “…but what about B2B?” like it exists in a completely separate universe. B2B is not building to building. Businesses are run by people, inspired by people and ultimately for people to use in their work life. The guy in the suit leaning back in his chair at the meeting is going […]

We Graded Ourselves. Two F’s—Ouch!

Good idea? Bad idea? We weren’t really sure. We  didn’t like the idea of “grades”, and thought the whole thing might be a waste of time. But as co-founders and business partners of Catalog University, the only real oversight we get is what we give ourselves. Our goal was to document the discussion because we […]

5 Take-Aways from KCDMA: Copywriting

I attended the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association meeting yesterday (4/9/13.) The speaker was catalog veteran, book author, and all things copywriting, Pat Friesen. Quick Take-Aways1. The P.S. at the bottom of a letter (or email) is immediately read by 30%—that’s just where they start. 2. While most catalogers know the known Hot Spot on […]

Worst People Skills

I read a great article last month at on the worst people skills in a manager. The article made me reflect back on great and bad managers I have had to deal with. If I did my own list, it would include: Don’t care. Are mean. Are more interested in getting ahead than they are in […]