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Does Catalog University offer group rates?

Yes, we offer group rates for groups over 10. Please contact Janie Downey
for more information.

I have a question, who do I ask?

If your question is about a class or information about a course on Cat-U, ask the Dean of the College your question pertains to. You can find the email address for all the Deans on the “About” page, or on the main page for each college. If your question is about subscriptions, or Cat-U in general, contact Janie Downey. If you have a technical question about the Catalog University website, contact Sarah Fletcher.

I don't see the class I want.

We love getting recommendations for classes. Just let your Dean know what you would like to learn and we’ll see if we can find an expert.

I need more information on a topic.

Contact the Dean of the College you need information on. (Dean contact information is in each college.) You can also contact Janie Downey

I'm having trouble viewing the website or one of the courses.

Some of the classes on Catalog University use flash. If you hear sound, but don’t see the class, make sure your browser supports flash content. If that doesn’t work, or you need more help email Sarah Fletcher or call (866) 849-4264.

I'm having trouble starting or stopping my subscription.

Click on “Support” and then “My Account”. This will take you to your account page. Below your profile picture you will see four links. Click on “My Orders”, where you can see your past orders. To cancel your subscription or change your payment information, click on the order number for your most recent order.  At the bottom you will see “Related Subscription”, click “View”. This screen allows you to change your payment information or cancel your subscription.
If you are still having problems, email Janie Downey or call (207) 233-3339.

I missed a Pub Talk but I don't want to join Cat-U yet. Can I still see it?

We put recorded Pub Talks on the site and keep them free for a month. If you preregistered for a Pub Talk and were not able to attend, email Janie Downey and she will send you a link to the Pub Talk you missed. You can also check on the Recorded Pub Talks page, which is under “Pub Talks” tab in the top nav.

I only want to watch one class. Do I still need to subscribe?

Currently we don’t offer the option to take a single class. You can sign up for a month, watch the class that interests you and unsubscribe if nothing else strikes your fancy.

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