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Dean Chris Middings

Chris Middings teaches e-commerce classes at Catalog University

President and Founder, NPG
Chris is president of NPG, a consulting firm specializing in paid search and social media marketing. With over 20 years of experience in digital and direct marketing, Chris offers the best of both worlds — copywriting honed through writing thousands of online ads, Facebook & Twitter posts, and direct mail headlines & copy, along with analytics on what converts into action.



From the Catalog Blog:

On Amazon, Everyone is Already in the Cart

Search is a tremendous way to sell — your ad shows only to someone actively searching for what you sell, at the precise moment they’re searching for it. You can customize the ad to match their intent and pick the webpage their click lands on. They would be a fool not to buy, right? Turns […]

Not saying “Thank You” cost Nordstom’s BIG money

This week the big news in Direct is that Nordstrom’s has had to cut it’s forcast because it cut it’s direct mail program. But the big takeaway isn’t that direct mail is awesome, though it is. The big takeaway is that saying “Thank you” to customers is one of the most powerful things a brand […]

Online shopping kind of sucks.

I’ve spent the last 30 years with a laser focus on how women shop and what we have now isn’t cutting it for women. The web was designed by engineers and coders who value speed and efficiency. They did a brilliant job, it’s fast and efficient, but if you actually like shopping, if you want […]

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New Classes


Learn how to get the most from your website

Understanding the ever changing role of e-commerce for catalogers is never easy. While most large catalogers started before the internet was even a concept, today pure play e-commerce sites are turning to catalogs as an effective and cost efficient way to prospect for new customers. At Catalog University our classes are taught by top industry experts working with major brands. They understand that “in theory” is interesting, but “in practice” is better, since the only solution you can use is the one you can actually implement. If you are looking for a good basic class with lots of practical advice you can implement easily, start with “Seven KPI’s for Your Website“. This class will help you understand the key performance indicators that most affect the performance of your website. Next we recommend you check out “Eight Website Initiatives with Great ROI“. This e-commerce class shows you where to put your efforts so you’ll get you the most bang for your buck.

Email marketing classes with Reggie Brady

Reggie is not only a recognized expert, she is a terrific teacher. Catalog University has several online email marketing classes taught by Reggie Brady. Start with “Introduction to email marketing” it’s a wonderful class for beginners, and intermediates who what a refresher on best practices. If you are looking for a crazy powerful way to increase sales and get rid of abandoned cart problems, check out “Triggered Emails – the Ultimate Tool to Generate Sales “. This class is loaded with simple, actionable ways to engage with customers.

Learn how to optimize your website

Whether you take our Basic SEO class or dive into the fast paced Pub Talk with Steve Bookbinder on Optimizing Content for SEO, there is plenty of great learning to sink your teeth into. There is a class on How to Write Great Copy that SEO Loves  that teaches copywriting skills and offers copywriting tips that will not only get you copy that sells products, it will get you more clicks.

Take e-commerce classes whenever it’s convenient

And for a fraction of what a single class would cost. There are a great selection of e-commerce classes at Cat-U and we are adding more all the time. If you have questions or aren’t sure where to start just ask the Dean of E-commerce, Chris Middings. He would be happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction.

Catalog University is dedicated to helping catalogers succeed! Half of your tuition goes directly to the deans and presenters. We feel that’s the best way to reward the working professionals who are taking time out of their busy schedules to help you succeed in the complex and fascinating world of catalogs.