Bored? Afraid? Confused? Curiosity is the cure.

Work is not a chore, not a hill to climb, when you are curious. What would this look like in red? What if I got really close? When was this invented? Who would it benefit the most? Is there another way to look at the data? Work is not dangerous or draining when you are […]

Pick up the Phone—Sheesh!

One of the biggest barriers to great catalogs is poor communication. Poor communication between the merchants and the creative team and poor communication between Copywriters and Art Directors. (There is probably more bad communication in other areas, I just don’t see it.) Because catalogers all know that the press date doesn’t change, we develop a […]

What’s up with Cats and Bacon?

The Sad Cat Diary may be the best cat video I’ve seen but it certainly isn’t the first. And who can forget the bacon bra—even if you want to? Cats and bacon own the internet – but why? One could argue that they are both bad for you or that they are both the best thing ever. […]

Joy first. Work second.

My banker (at Bank of America – but I still love her) was trying to find my contact info on-line to get info about tickets to a show I was in. She googled me and saw the number of organizations I am involved with – and suggested I post something about getting things done. So […]

Bill Gates on on-line education

This is an interesting video “blog” from Mr. Gates. I pulled this from an article talking about college v. on-line learning – and how companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks are setting up their own on-line learning sites to teach specific skills sets you aren’t necessarily going to get in a college classroom. Bill Gates online […]

NEMOA Notes on Scot Wingo – Amazon is rocking our Industry!

For those of you  not familiar with the organization, NEMOA (the National E-tailing and Mailing Organization of America) is one of the last association conferences dedicated to covering directing marketing best practices for print, web, email, mobile, AND social marketing. 500+ attendees attended NEMOA’s spring conference – a new record by far. NEMOA has 245 […]