Bill Gates on on-line education

This is an interesting video “blog” from Mr. Gates. I pulled this from an article talking about college v. on-line learning – and how companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks are setting up their own on-line learning sites to teach specific skills sets you aren’t necessarily going to get in a college classroom. Bill Gates online […]

Follow Me, Like Me, Order Now … Blah, Blah, Blah

In this new marketing climate, customers are savvy. If your call-to-action isn’t bold and relevant customers will simply ignore you. Consider these six tips when creating a strong call-to-action that will resonate and encourage customers to take the next step of engagement. 1. Build a Hierarchy. Strategy can make or break your execution. Outline your […]

What Catalog Creatives Can Learn from a French Fry.

The french fries were a revelation. Slightly thinner than you might expect, turned perfectly golden. Tossed lightly in sea salt and pepper, they were enough to get my attention. But the chef had added a drizzle of olive oil perfumed with finely chopped basil and a touch of vinegar. Perfection. After my meal, which was […]

Call me goofy, but where’s the love?

After flipping through the most recent stack of catalogs that came through my mail slot I have to say felt bored. Pretty images, some interesting typography but none of them did more than display items and I got bored. Those catalogs didn’t sell me anything, and most of them didn’t even try. They showed me […]