Catalog Stories Volume 2

Here’s the second installment of Catalog Stories. Janie Downey shares her story of two shots that almost ran and Sarah Fletcher fesses up to using the Beverly Hillbillies as filler. Did you enjoy this post? Sign up for more. The Catalog Blog covers opinions and information on all things catalog. Have something to add? Leave a […]

The new buzz word is Optimism for Holiday Sales

I have been reading about the upcoming 2013 holiday season and it’s great to hear so much optimism. Earlier in August, the results of a survey conducted by Baynote, a service provider for omni-channel retailers, provided insight from 77 diverse U.S. retailers ranging in annual income. These retailers are optimistic that the upcoming 2013 holiday season will […]

Catalog Stories Volume 1

We have a funny industry, full of funny people. This is the first, though certainly not the last Catalog Story. We look forward to hearing yours! Join the Catalog University mailing list to get updates on our Free Pub Talks with industry leading speakers, new classes and great information. You can also follow us on Twitter and if […]

No, no, and no

I have a coupon from Soft Surroundings from a past purchase. The coupon expires on 7/22/13, so I decided to pop onto the site today to take a look around. There is a carousel of slides on the homepage with excellent photography. I see a pair of summer sandals I like and try to click […]

Design Poop with a fresh powdery scent

The last batch of dog poop bags I bought came with a light powdery scent. I suppose the scent was added to improve my poop scooping experience. It didn’t. Poop with a light powdery scent is still poop. Bad design with pretty elements is still bad design. If you want to improve your customer’s experience, […]

Love by the numbers

How do you get customers to love you? Good news—bad news. First the good news is they have already told you. Now the bad news, it is a lot of hard work to understand what they are saying. Don’t blow past this I have seen sales increase 20% and more by, without ego, and without […]

Bored? Afraid? Confused? Curiosity is the cure.

Work is not a chore, not a hill to climb, when you are curious. What would this look like in red? What if I got really close? When was this invented? Who would it benefit the most? Is there another way to look at the data? Work is not dangerous or draining when you are […]

Pick up the Phone—Sheesh!

One of the biggest barriers to great catalogs is poor communication. Poor communication between the merchants and the creative team and poor communication between Copywriters and Art Directors. (There is probably more bad communication in other areas, I just don’t see it.) Because catalogers all know that the press date doesn’t change, we develop a […]

What’s up with Cats and Bacon?

The Sad Cat Diary may be the best cat video I’ve seen but it certainly isn’t the first. And who can forget the bacon bra—even if you want to? Cats and bacon own the internet – but why? One could argue that they are both bad for you or that they are both the best thing ever. […]

Joy first. Work second.

My banker (at Bank of America – but I still love her) was trying to find my contact info on-line to get info about tickets to a show I was in. She googled me and saw the number of organizations I am involved with – and suggested I post something about getting things done. So […]