Cardinal Rules of Business

Throughout our careers and life we learn from our mentors, our bosses, our colleagues, family and friends and hopefully we learn from our mistakes. I have been fortunate to continue to learn from all of these sources and in doing so, I have been exposed to a number of basic or rather Cardinal Rules of […]

The Gift of Fresh Eyes

Want to stand out in the crowded market place? Mail something. Not email, not voice mail, not texting, good old fashioned mail. The kind of mail that requires you to put a stamp on it. The kind that you hold in your hands when it arrives. The kind that makes you think “Wow, I wonder […]

Why Made in America Matters to Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani believes that just making money isn’t enough. When Alex and Ani CEO Giovanni Feroce spoke at the 2013 Fall directXchange conference he talked about Alex and Ani’s triple bottom line: Economic, Environmental and Social. He attributes their remarkable success (20 million to over 200 million in 4 years) to weaving all three […]

Think Brand Campaign!

For years, the catalog model has worked. We knew who to mail, when to mail, what to mail — and it worked! It was down-right easy to turn a few knobs and create incremental response. And while the traditional model still works, it’s certainly not as formulaic as it once was. In fact, I think […]

Workflow Shakeup: Web First—Catalog Second

Web First: Andy James at the NEMOA Fall 2013 Conference from Catalog University on Vimeo. Direct Marketers have traditionally selected product, photographed it, and written about it with one goal in mind: a printed catalog, with deadlines set to meet print needs. After a catalog prints, copy and photos are pulled from print and are […]

Holiday Success Checklist

On the first day of Christmas……….. The holidays are right around the corner and our success is tied to how well we planned the entire year leading up to these hectic weeks. Regardless of how you reach your customers, having a planning checklist will help to ensure your company is prepared for the unexpected situation […]

Managing Change

I was thinking back on cell phones and I realized that in 2000 I didn’t own one. 14 years later my phone does email, takes HD video, uses GPS, and has an app for everything. I could not have imagined that when I was counting down the minutes left in the last century. I have […]

Maximize ROI on attending a conference

There is a great conference coming up on September 18-19:NEMOA, the National Etailing and Mailing Organization of America. NEMOA is focused on peer learning and networking, and is a great way to invest in yourself, find great advisors, and get re-energized about work. Disclaimer: I was on the NEMOA board for a number of years. […]

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct Marketing started back in the 1870’s when Montgomery Ward invented mail order and sent out the first direct to consumer catalog. The idea was to cut out the middleman and be able to offer goods and services directly to customers, hence the term Direct Marketing. Today Direct Marketing is much more than catalogs, it […]

Loyalty is dead. Actually it never existed. You need fans.

Everyone talks about customer loyalty as though it is a magical quality that some brands just get. That’s silly. Apple didn’t “create” loyalty. They created a collection of products that work together seamlessly. These products look great and are crazy intuitive. I own multiple Apple products, but am I loyal? Yes and No. If Apple […]