Actual Useful Information About #TheDress and Accurate Color

The average customer doesn’t understand how the images they see on their screen got there. It’s voodoo, magic, and for online retailers a customer service problem waiting to happen. #TheDress is much ado about something that actually matters to all retailers and I’ll try to keep the “why” as non-techy as possible. You can’t control Color You can’t […]

Designing Catalogs for the Senior Market

When several of my clients begin asking the same question within weeks of each other, I take notice. Lately, I’ve heard several variations of something like this. “How do I retain my aging customers and begin attracting a younger market?” When I dig a little deeper, the driving force behind the question is really about […]

How to be interesting

Marketers sometimes get so focused on trying to “get the message out!!!” that they’re no longer interesting to the people whose attention they want to get. We’ve all been in those meetings where everyone leans forward and the head marketer says “We need to focus on our core message.” And everyone nods. Right, the core […]

Who Are You?

Who am I? On the surface that looks like an easy question for any catalog to answer. I’m “______”. Answering that question well is at the very heart of merchandising, marketing, and design. It’s easy to keep your head down, stick with the facts, “I’m ACME Catalog, I sell widgets.” and let everything fall from there. […]

Dear Red Envelope

I read through the Red Envelope catalog Sunday morning. I was in the kitchen with a hot cup of coffee enjoying the quiet. A light snow was falling outside and I had the house to myself. You had my undivided attention. Pretty much the perfect scenario for catalog shopping. The cover didn’t really interest me. “Wishful […]

Motivation and Reward

I follow Blanchard Leader Chat’s blog. Their last post was titled “Is it Time to Rethink Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?” and it focuses on new research about how to keep employees motivated. Research suggests that three psychological needs should be met early and often: Autonomy Relatedness Competence The last one, Competence, is all about education and it struck me […]

The Bribe or the Brand?

This holiday season, you’ll see more offers, promotions, teasers … well, more bribes to drive a sale than any other time of the year. With an expected holiday consumer spending more than $619 billion dollars, according to Internet Retailer, brands around the country are scrambling for their piece of the pie. Is the “bribe” necessarily […]

Off-site Meeting Ideas

One of the best ways to get a fresh perspective on work is to get away from the office. Janie and I filmed bits of our last off-site meeting so you could see how the experience created a shift in focus and gave us both permission to be creative and think outside the box. I live […]

New Ideas — where do they come from?

New ideas come from unexpected places There you are, staring at a blank piece of paper, thinking that you are stuck, wondering if you have run out of new ideas. And then somebody walks into your office and distracts you from the tyranny of the blank page. You mention your quandary, they say they haven’t got a clue […]

Creating Engagement

Lessons from catalogs past I was looking through the most recent Lands’ End catalog and I realized that I really missed Lee Eisenberg. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Eisenberg (I’ve only heard him speak and had a brief chat at the GCIC years ago.) he was the driving force behind the best […]