Design matters. I believe this with all my heart. In my 30 years of working with brands large, small and in-between have only deepened my belief in this simple statement. Unfortunately, there’s too much bland design in the marketplace today… design that could and should be so much better. I’m talking about the kind of […]

Christmas is 26 Fridays Away. Really.

It’s July and the Hallmark Channel is introducing the 2015 Christmas Ornament so you know it’s time for your holiday marketing checklist.  You should be planning for a great 4th quarter (or 5th quarter if you are in the gift business) because the general outlook is in your favor. Consumer Confidence is up, and consumers […]

3 Axioms of Merchandising

An axiom, or postulate, is a premise or starting point of reasoning. The word comes from the Greek axíōma, “that which is thought worthy or fit” or “that which commends itself as evident.” As used in modern logic, an axiom is simply a premise or starting point for reasoning. There may be many more axioms that can apply to merchandising.  However, […]

Form follows function

What does it do? Why is it being offered? What is the best use of this space? The hardest part of design is figuring out the why and the what. Any artistic person can make something pretty but pretty isn’t the point. It is much harder, but more important, to find the why and the […]

The Best Marketing Lesson I Ever Got

When I was a kid, I grew up in an art department. My mother was an art director, so after school I walked to her office and did my homework. Years later, When I decided to get into the business, I went to an awards show hoping I would be able to connect with the […]

Magalogs and Unicorns

As pure play, e-commerce companies look for ways to get new customers, and pay-per-click and display ads get more and more expensive, catalog are starting to look good again. But they are soooo old fashioned, the next generation will, of course, need to reinvent them and turn them into Magalogs. The wonders of the mythical Magalog […]

Research You Can Use … Beyond Demographics

At some point in your marketing career you’ve probably heard someone make the statement “The research numbers don’t lie” as support for some strategic or creative point-of-view. And while that may be true, it’s not exactly the same as saying that numbers always tell the whole truth. Don’t get me wrong… I believe in research. […]

Teens, texting and the future of technology

I’m old enough to have perspective. When I was a teen it was all about the phone. We were on the phone all the time. We had to be on the phone all the time because there was SO MUCH GOING ON and we weren’t allowed to live in the same house with our friends and […]

Too small to read—why readability matters

Okay, I’ll say it, size matters. I bought a new RAID (really fast digital storage device) and pulled out the collateral that came with it, foolishly thinking I could read it. Here’s the picture, and no I didn’t retouch it. While I could finally justify hanging onto my Agfa Lupe all these years, I had to ask […]

“We love the catalog business. Why? Because it works.”

Magic words uttered by Lily Kanter of Serena and Lily at NEMOA‘s spring directXchange marketing conference. How cool to hear about a highly-branded company with a retail base finding  success with catalogs. Lily credits this to email fatigue. You get a handful of mail every day in your mailbox v. getting hundreds of emails per […]