NEMOA Notes on Scot Wingo – Amazon is rocking our Industry!

For those of you  not familiar with the organization, NEMOA (the National E-tailing and Mailing Organization of America) is one of the last association conferences dedicated to covering directing marketing best practices for print, web, email, mobile, AND social marketing. 500+ attendees attended NEMOA’s spring conference – a new record by far. NEMOA has 245 […]

Video Use in Direct Marketing

Catalog University I keep hearing that video use is going to be expanding greatly with more bandwidth on the web, on iPads, and on mobile devices. So I decided to take a look at what direct marketers are currently doing with video on their websites. I was surprised to find that only a handful of […]

Moosejaw Gems

At a recent NEMOA conference, I heard a great presentation from Eoin Comerford, CEO of Moosejaw. Moosejaw was a new name to me. They were founded by Robert Wolf in 1992. They have a staff of 50 at their headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. They are early adaptors – with 11 retail stores, a website that started […]

Worst People Skills

I read a great article last month at on the worst people skills in a manager. The article made me reflect back on great and bad managers I have had to deal with. If I did my own list, it would include: Don’t care. Are mean. Are more interested in getting ahead than they are in […]

How Direct Marketing Won and Lost the Election

The most remarkable thing about this election for direct marketers wasn’t who won or lost but the decisive role direct marketing played in the final outcome. I was lucky enough to attend a post-election discussion with Darrel M. West, formerly a Brown Professor and currently a VP at the Brookings Institute. Here are some of […]

What Catalog Creatives Can Learn from a French Fry.

The french fries were a revelation. Slightly thinner than you might expect, turned perfectly golden. Tossed lightly in sea salt and pepper, they were enough to get my attention. But the chef had added a drizzle of olive oil perfumed with finely chopped basil and a touch of vinegar. Perfection. After my meal, which was […]

Overnight printing on the fly

I got an interesting call a few weeks ago from a group called Mimeo. I’m not much of one for cold calls, but I liked this guy and listened to his pitch because he has a cool product. Here’s what Mimeo is selling: You have a product to sell, or a presentation to make, or a […]

Call me goofy, but where’s the love?

After flipping through the most recent stack of catalogs that came through my mail slot I have to say felt bored. Pretty images, some interesting typography but none of them did more than display items and I got bored. Those catalogs didn’t sell me anything, and most of them didn’t even try. They showed me […]

Go for the “Wow!”

Want to stand out in the crowded market place? Mail something. Not email, not voice mail, not texting, good old fashioned mail. The kind of mail that requires you to put a stamp on it. The kind that you hold in your hands when it arrives. The kind that makes you think “Wow, I wonder […]