Catalog Best Practices Workshops 2017

Best Practices Workshops

When: March 22nd 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Where: Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel
Cost: $199 for the Best Practices Workshops, lunch and the opening session of the NEMOA directXchange Conference. $169 if you are a registered directXchange attendee.

Learn Catalog Creative and Circulation Planning from the best minds in the business!

Train your teams, and yourself. These live, hands-on workshops on Catalog Creative and Circulation Planning are both an amazing value and the best way to get training focused on your own catalog. Taught by industry experts Brent Niemuth, Sarah Fletcher, and Gina Valentino, these 3-hour interactive workshops will teach you what really works and why; AND you’ll take that knowledge and apply it to YOUR catalog. No messing around with “ACME Catalog” or “Widget X”. This amazing combination of sound theory and solid application lets you ask questions, and get expert input and insight into your own catalog. This is the perfect opportunity to reimagine, roll up your sleeves, dig deep, get actionable advice, find missed opportunities, and develop real strategies that will drive sales. 
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Find out how to develop your brand to improve recognition and engage customers. Brent Niemuth, of J. Schmid, will inspire, motivate and entertain as you develop a deep understanding of what brand is and how you can harness it for your marketing efforts. Then Sarah Fletcher of Catalog Design Studios will help you dial in your creative with strong messaging, brand driven design, calls to action and engaging photography. Imagine what a lift that would be for your creative team!

Brent Niemuth

Creative Workshop Outline

Part One of the Creative Workshop will address the following:

1) Brand Personality

How is your brand perceived? How do you look, act, and sound? Do you have a clear definition of your brand’s persona? Why is personality such a critical component to a brand’s success today? We’ll look at brands who are making waves right now and discover key take-aways that you can start using tomorrow.

2) Brand Story

Consumers want to know your history, the people behind the brand and what you believe in. How well do you tell your story in your catalog? Who are the key characters in the story? What’s the compelling narrative?

3) Cross Channel Branding

Consistency is key when it comes to telling your brand story. Too many companies operate in silos, which means their brand communications are probably scattered. Does your catalog and your website look cohesive? Does your website reflect the same personality as your emails? Does your brand voice sound the same in social media? We’ll take a look at some ways to make sure your brand is portrayed consistently across channels.

After a short break the workshop will cover:

1) Designing for Your Brand

Now that you know what your brand’s persona is, and you have a clear definition of your brand, we’ll put that into practice. Exercises will help you identify what’s working, and what isn’t, as well as ideas and practical take-aways for aligning your customer’s perception with your actual brand strategy.

2) Calls to Action and Drivers

The role of catalogs is changing. Today’s catalogs act as both a sales tool and a driver to the web or retail store. Are you leveraging that strategy? This section will cover how to develop a call to action and driver strategy that gets noticed and gets results.

3) Photography

Photography is the first thing your customer notices and it’s the most visible ambassador of your brand. Learn how to make the most of your photography budget, and how to get photography that engages the customer and pops on the page. You will also learn how to share your creative vision with your photographer and stylist so you get their best work without wasting time or going off brand.

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Sarah Fletcher

Brent Niemuth, J. Schmid & Assoc.

Brent is considered a thought leader in the world of multichannel marketing. He has spent over 20 years in the industry, working with top-tier brands such as Microsoft, Disney, Hallmark, Hershey’s, eBay, House of Blues and American Express. Brent has gained a national reputation for challenging industry norms and is known for his pragmatic methods and strategic acumen. He’s devoted his entire career to helping companies differentiate their brands, develop their messaging, and create breakthrough campaigns that get noticed and get results. Brent is an award-winning designer and nationally-recognized speaker on the topic of branding. He often gives dynamic presentations at conferences across the globe, and has been a guest lecturer at the Johns Hopkins University MBA Marketing program. He writes frequently for industry publications. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas. And he still claims to be the fifth Beatle.

Sarah Fletcher, Catalog Design Studios

Sarah, whose mother was an art director, literally grew up in the art department of an advertising agency. After a brief rebellion she began her career at age six, stripping boards and organizing type. To date she has worked in almost every capacity of the business, from production assistant, to copywriter, to photographer, to creative director. Her main focus for the past twenty years has been catalog design and development. Her clients have included International Paper, Scholastic, Mrs. Beasley’s, Harrington’s of Vermont, The Vermont Country Store, Smith+Noble, Junonia, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, SmartPak Equine and Penn State Industries. Her articles have appeared in Catalog Success Magazine, Multichannel Merchant, and DM News. She has spoken at The Annual Catalog Conference, The National E-tailing & Mailing Organization of America (NEMOA) conference and the GCIC/GPC. Sarah is a judge for both the MCM Awards and the International Echo Awards. Sarah’s a Stones fan, don’t tell Brent.

Circulation Planning

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn why segmentation is the primary predictor of response and how to use that information to build your own tailored circulation plan. Other components of a productive and efficient circ plan are reviewed as well as testing strategies, useful elements of the merge/purge, an easy (and accurate) marketer’s P&L, plus the role of hold-out panels. Circulation has terrific metrics and together we’ll discuss what works and why.

Gina Valentino

Cirulation Planning Workshop Outline

Segmentation Outline: Circulation Plan, Fundamentals, Other criteria, Options for set-up, Static Segments, Naming conventions, House Buyers, House NonBuyers, Rentals.

What Goes into the Merge: Do you need flag files, How to read a m/p report, Where are the hidden gems in a m/p report.

Purpose of HoldOut Tests: Set-Up of Test, Questions to Answer, Lost Revenues.

After a short break the workshop will cover:

Reading Results:  Test Quantities, What to Test, Contact Tests, Correlation Coefficient, Matchcodes

P&L for Marketers:  Easy Outline, Template

Gap Analysis: How much more do you need to prospect to hit your revenue goals; Can you achieve your revenue goals with your current customer file; Objective way to determine how realistic are the revenue goals.

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Gina Valentino, Hemisphere Marketing

Gina’s 20 years in the catalog industry leverages experience and multi-channel disciplines. She has worked with catalogers such as Road Runner Sports, Disney Direct, Barrie Pace, Spiegel, See’s Candies, Home Depot Direct, Hickory Farms, and Spanx. Gina is a featured writer for MultiChannel Merchant Magazine. She serves as a judge for the Annual Catalog Awards and is also a member of the Printery House Advisory Board.