You’re welcome, who the heck are you?

Yesterday I got a thank you note. I LOVE thank you notes. I love getting them—they stroke my ego. I love when my clients send them—it strokes their customers’ egos and makes a great connection, throw in an offer or coupon and I get shivers. So imagine my surprise when I didn’t know who it was from. David Dex… couldn’t read the rest. Huh.

Thank you note fromCardi's
“Dear Ms. Fletcher,

Thank you for shopping with us here in South Kingstown. It was my pleasure assisting you. Much prosperity with you second home.

Best Regards,

David Dex…”

Interesting. I thought back to my purchases for the rental property I own and narrowed it down. Then I googled the address and figured out it was for bed frames I had purchased by phone from Cardi’s about 3 weeks ago! The shopping experience was just not that memorable for me. It was efficient and fast but not memorable. Bedframes—check, and I had moved on. So this thank you was brilliant in theory. It should have brought me back to my $250 purchase and made me connect with Cardi’s as a valued customer. But it actually made me feel stupid that I couldn’t remember what it was for.

Important safety tip: No customer is going to look up an address unless they have a blog or way too much time on their hands. No company is sooooo famous that customers will know the address off the top of their heads. Most people don’t get 1600 Pennsylvania Ave when they see it, why would One Furniture Way be enough of a tip-off? It is a rare and glorious sales person who anyone remembers three weeks later and a truly magical phone rep with that kind of charisma. David was terrific but just not that memorable. This would have been a total home run if David had signed Cardi’s Furniture under his name or if the card had the Cardi’s logo on the back. Still subtle, still classy, a total home run.

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