Worst People Skills

I read a great article last month at salary.com on the worst people skills in a manager. The article made me reflect back on great and bad managers I have had to deal with. If I did my own list, it would include:

  1. Don’t care.
  2. Are mean.
  3. Are more interested in getting ahead than they are in doing a great job.
  4. Are cowed by office politics.
  5. Don’t relate well as human beings.

But I digress… Here’s the list from salary.com:

  1. Too quick to anger.
  2. Lack of self-confidence.
  3. Poor communication skills – which accounts for about 90% of a manager’s day.
  4. A quitter in tough times.
  5. Can’t deal with office politics.
  6. Inability to mentor, coach, guide; to help others succeed.
  7. Lack of networking and self-promotion skills.

The biggest surprise to me in the salary.com list was “Lack of self-confidence”, but it makes sense. When people lack self-confidence they tend to be timid – or to take things in the wrong way. Interesting… I was also surprised by “A quitter in tough times.” I haven’t come across that myself. In fact, I’ve seen more of the opposite, where someone continues to hold onto a thought or a plan well past the time it should have been set aside as a bad idea.

Of note: The thing I love about having had some really bad managers in my life were the lessons I took away, i.e. “Reminder to self: Never act this way.”
One of our sessions on Cat-U is about dealing with Bad Apples in the Workplace. Unfortunately, there isn’t much advice one can get when a Bad Apple also happens to be your boss!

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Janie Downey
Co-founder, Catalog University