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While most email boxes are full to the brim, email continues to an effective way to talk with existing customers and to find new customers. I loved an article this morning in FastCompany about what to include or not include in a winning subject line.

  1. Avoid questions. Questions make the opener have to stop and think and they probably don’t have time for that as they cruise through their email box. Even saying “quick question” in the subject line, which is used a lot, performs poorly. Using a question mark in your subject line decreases both open and click-through rates.
  2. Skip personal greetings like “Hi” and “Hello”. If the person you are emailing doesn’t know you, they won’t open mail like this because it looks suspicious. Use personal greeting in the body of the email – but not in the subject line.
  3. Add a number to the subject line to increase the open rate. People like data – so use data!
  4. Use title case. This surprises me, but people apparently see Title Case as being more authoritative than lower case. Lower case also looks more informal. So There You Go! 🙂

If you want to read the whole (short) article in FastCompany, here’s the link!

P.S. We are not affiliated in any way with FastCompany, but I’d like to tell you that they rock. On-line subscriptions are free and their daily posting are substantial!

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Janie Downey
Co-founder Catalog University