The Post Office Goes Digital

How is this going to work??

The USPS has announced a new program called Informed Delivery. Customers who sign up for this program will get an email letting them know what they will be getting soon in the mail. The emails will include pictures of upcoming mail – including catalog covers.

The USPS is looking for catalogs to participate in the program (free for now). So customers see that they are getting a catalog from you. AND if you want, you can make that cover clickable to show videos, offer coupons, promotions, update news, etc.

The USPS said participants in the test groups for this program had 2x the response rate over customers who did not get the emails.

Is it a little weird? Yes. Is it worth hearing more about? Yes.

The wonderful ACMA (American Catalog Mailers Assn) is hosting a free webinar to help explain the ins and outs. The webinar will be on Thursday, Feb 25, at 3:00 EST. Want to attend? Contact Paul Miller at and he’ll get you the details.

Cat-U will be there and we would love to know what you think afterwards.