The new buzz word is Optimism for Holiday Sales

I have been reading about the upcoming 2013 holiday season and it’s great to hear so much optimism.

Earlier in August, the results of a survey conducted by Baynote, a service provider for omni-channel retailers, provided insight from 77 diverse U.S. retailers ranging in annual income. These retailers are optimistic that the upcoming 2013 holiday season will exceed 10 percent. And on a bigger note, approximately 1/3 indicated the sales growth will be between 11 and 20 percent compared last year’s holiday season. “While retailers have expressed cautious optimism for the 2013 holiday season, the optimism hinges on the ability to drive sales through strategically timed promotions in the fourth quarter,” said Lauren Freedman, president, e-tailing group. Retailers will offer promotions like buy-one-get-one free, free shipping, and flash sales at select times. October 1 will mark the date for 30 percent of retailers to begin offering holiday promotions, but more than 40 percent of those surveyed said they will wait until early November. [This synopsis is from an article by Sam Lewis, associate editor, Integrated Solutions For Retailers]

With all of the optimism, keep in mind that Thanksgiving is late this year…the 4th Thursday lands in the 5th week of November. Counting Black Friday through Christmas Eve (Tuesday) is 26 days. Last year there were 32 days—so you’re losing 6 days! Be aware of your year-over-year comparisons as well as the impact to your mail plans.

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Gina Valentino
Dean of Marketing,
President, Hemisphere Marketing, LLC