The Glossy and the Gritty

One of the most thought provoking presentations at the fall NEMOA directXchange conference was Andy James of New Pig. If you are not in the market for industrial absorbents (pigs) you may never have been introduced to the New Pig Catalog. As a judge for the MultiChannel Merchant Awards I have been lucky enough to draw New Pig a few times and have always been seriously impressed by the genuine attention to detail and customer experience they create. After listening to Andy James, you will be too.

Andy looks at marketing a little differently and breaks it into what he calls the Glossy and the Gritty. Here is the clip where he explains the difference.

Andy James at the directXchange Fall 2013 Conference: Glossy and Gritty from Catalog University on Vimeo.

Looking at your company’s brand from both the Glossy and the Gritty allows you to see past what is high level branding and get down into the actual customer experience.

To see the entire presentation, others from the Fall directXchange conference, as well as a wide variety of classes for catalog and multichannel marketers visit To learn more about the NEMOA and the directXchange conference visit

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