Social Deep Dive Turns up Hookers and Gold

I spent the last 2 weeks doing a deep dive into social media. I went in thinking it was a giant time suck with limited ROI. (Yes, my first 15 followers on Twitter were hookers.) I came out a total convert because of tools, ideas, and strategies I didn’t know existed. Here’s a review of what changed my mind.

Social Media is Info-tainment

When you stop thinking of it as a chore and start thinking of it as info-tainment it stops being a giant time suck. Cat-U follows over 350 people on Twitter and a quick peek at the Twitter feed turns up interesting stuff about 50% of the time. It’s how I learned about Klout and Kred, see below. Don’t think of it as a deep and abiding relationship; it’s more like a cocktail party of people who are interested in the same things you are. You may find a good conversation; you may just sip and smile. Don’t take it too seriously and pop out when you are bored – you’re there to have fun.


Hypersyndication is the magic wand of social media. It links all of your social media outlets to one hub so when you post to one you can post to all. That cuts the time it takes to be social to a manageable 15 minutes a day. Think 10 cocktail parties at once—one password. There are services like Hootsuite that give you great functionality for free – there is only a cost if you move up to the premium service. Hootsuite makes it a lot easier to post to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Fore Square, etc all at once. You could do that once a day right? You would get social credit for each one and it all adds up.

Intelligent Strategy

I have to thank David Sisti of Konnessi for opening my eyes on this. The example he used was of an Italian restaurant in Boston. Pretend you are an Italian restaurant in Boston that hired Konnessi to manage your social media. They would find other Italian restaurants in the area and clone their followers and then follow them. Yup –  there is software that lets you clone anyone’s followers. (Beware: Follow too many people at once and Twitter shuts you down.) When you follow someone, they usually check you out and if you look interesting they follow you back. Someone who is interested in Italian food is likely to be interested in another local Italian restaurant. Having interesting tweets makes it more likely they will be interested in you. Once you are established, If someone comes onto Twitter and starts following Italian restaurants, Twitter will suggest they follow you.

Strategy + time + quality = success.

Social and Page Rank

Social Media engagement is now part of your page rank. So what? Page rank determines the price you pay for Google ads. Say WHAT??? Yes, it’s true. Google gives preference and lower prices to advertisers who have better page rank. Depending on how much you spend on Google ads, this could be a very important issue. To see your page rank click here or install a page rank tool on your web browser. Page Rank is scored 1-10. The White House has a page rank of 9, so does Google. The Vatican get’s an 8. The Dalai Lama gets a 7. Ebay gets an 8. I wonder who get’s a 10? And no, it isn’t the top-rated porn site, that only got a 7. (OMG what an eyeful. Children really need to be supervised online!)

Kred and Klout

These are companies that rate your level of social influence. You can check on people who claim to have actual influence and see if they do. In 2 weeks, Cat-U has earned a Kred score of 441 (out of 1000) and a Klout score of 48 (out of 100). A top influencer (1%) in Kred has a score of 750ish. I’m not sure what a top score in Klout would be. President Obama has a score of 99, just beating out Justin Bieber who has a Klout score of 92.

You Can’t Fake Your Way into it

Posers are no fun to follow. If you tweet out quotes or “back at you” to make yourself look popular it is going to be an epic fail. Figure out what you can offer your audience and be authentic. Posting sale and new products without any interesting content won’t get you far.

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