Overnight printing on the fly

I got an interesting call a few weeks ago from a group called Mimeo. I’m not much of one for cold calls, but I liked this guy and listened to his pitch because he has a cool product.

Here’s what Mimeo is selling: You have a product to sell, or a presentation to make, or a short run print piece to produce – and you need it quickly. You go to Mimeo.com, you download a PDF of your piece, you select trim, paper, binding method (there are several to choose from), 4-color or spot color – and you decide how fast you need it. The site generates an automatic proof, which shows the color and binding – and gives you a price. If you plan to do this more than once, Mimeo discounts for bulk – and they said pretty much everyone has a contract in place for better pricing, though I didn’t think the price for a one-off was terrible.

Because this was part of a sales pitch, the sales rep set up my piece to be delivered overnight (= $$) – If this were one of my projects, I would have planned ahead and sent it with slower delivery. Because Mimeo chose to build their print facilities next to FedEx facilities – the piece showed up, as promised, on my doorstep the next morning, perfectly printed, in a bright pink envelope – see below.


This is an interesting product with an easy-to-use web portal, unique packaging – and they delivered on their promise. Mimeo is not affiliated in any way with Catalog University but we do like to share “best practices” and this site seemed like it could be useful for many.

Hope you are having a great week.

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Janie Downey
Co-founder Catalog University