No, no, and no

I have a coupon from Soft Surroundings from a past purchase. The coupon expires on 7/22/13, so I decided to pop onto the site today to take a look around. There is a carousel of slides on the homepage with excellent photography. I see a pair of summer sandals I like and try to click through. Unfortunately the carousel has rotated and I can’t click, but I do find the shoes through navigation, so all is well.

So I’m on the shoe page. I find the sandal. It’s available in the color I want and in my size. Then I click on reviews and there is just one, titled “No, no, and no”. Basically, the review pans the shoe as a very bad, squeaky buy.

Now maybe it’s just my OCD, but before I featured a shoe on my homepage, I think I would take a look at the reviews of the product to make sure I didn’t see “No, no, and no” as the only review. It seems like such a basic step to take. Even in a squeaky sandal. Just sayin’…

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Janie Downey
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