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At a recent NEMOA conference, I heard a great presentation from Eoin Comerford, CEO of Moosejaw. Moosejaw was a new name to me. They were founded by Robert Wolf in 1992. They have a staff of 50 at their headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. They are early adaptors – with 11 retail stores, a website that started in 1995, customer reviews which started in 2004, and a mobile presence that started in 2006.

You may not agree with everything here – but there is lots of food for thought and innovation! Here are a few things that Eoin believe are KEYS TO THEIR SUCCESS:

Employee motivation

  • Conference rooms were decorated by employees to illustrate their mission statement.
  • They have a weekly “spinning wheel of fortune” with the CEO as MC. Employees can win things like “Go home now”, as well as prizes. This is 5-10 minutes of dedicated fun each week.
  • When hiring, selected employees are chosen by how fun their cover letter is, and how much they know about Moosejaw.
  • At retail, employees get 2 weeks of training plus team building. If they don’t fit in, they are let go.

Branding details

  • Their tagline is “The most fun retail on the planet”.
  • Their goal is to be a hip, young brand, even though their average shopper is 30-50 years old.
  • They have a cult-like following of customers who send notes saying things like “Your emails are the best part of my week.
  • They have free Moosejaw flags to take around the world – customers photos are posted on the website.
  • A brand is about who you are – and who you are not. Define the negative space around you.
  • Be notable.
  • Do the unexpected. Make people step back, and tell a friend, 10 friends.
  • Be engagingly engaged – form relationships; have conversations with customers.
  • Make your customer love you.
  • Only do cool stuff.
  • Don’t sell based on price
  • Don’t sell stuff you would not buy yourself.
  • Have fun at work.
  • Don’t hire for skills over culture.
  • Don’t treat customers like checkbooks or idiots – treat them like a smart friend who you love and enjoy.
  • One video they included in a press release increased sales 37% and got 100s of media mentions (It showed an app they created that gave you “Xray eyes” to see models in underwear in their catalog!)
  • 40% of traffic comes in from mobile – which they have to harness and convert.
  • Catalogs are not for prospecting – they are a way to connect with retail customers who are not on the email list but are really good customers.
  • Social is not about likes – it’s about engagement or else it’s a shell.

To build a brand

  • Be consistent – including mobile, phone voice, signage, packaging with a love note, trucks.
  • Engage at a personal level – Twitter responses, packaging, and voice.
  • Take a long-term view – send no more than 2 emails a week, max (except at holiday) – some emails are not sales related (Moosejaw has a breakup service, and a digital lunch meat throw game, along with the X-ray app to see their models undressed.)
  • Be willing to piss people off – Try new things. Be irreverent. Take chances. It’s okay to make some people mad, just not sad.
  • Expect misses when you take risks. No one gets fired for a bad idea – you have to be willing to fail.

Who do they consider to be their competition?

  • Their #1 competitor is REI. REI is so cause-based, Moosejaw does not have that as part of their mission. Moosejaw is involved with local causes but that doesn’t define them.
  • Eoin also follows Urban Outfitters for fun ideas.
  • And White Stuff from the UK – with fashion with a 50s vibe, and 50s cocktails.

It’s always great to hear from others in our industry – especially those who are trying to shake things up a bit. Oh, wait. That’s what we are trying to do, too.

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