Want to triple your email signups in 30 days?

Digital Marketing agency (and industry friend) CohereOne is guest blogging for us today. If you like this, check out CohereOne’s blog. We think they are a very smart group!

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From guest blogger Matt Wrhel at CohereOne

For many retailers, email marketing is the #1 driver of traffic and revenue for their websites. Building and maintaining your email list should be a top priority. The following are some easy-to-implement strategies that are guaranteed to generate sales.

Get in their face! Don’t be shy about soliciting email addresses from your site visitors. Feature the email signup prominently throughout the site. Keep the signup box above the fold and ask for it in multiple ways. Be sure to also capture the email address in the first step of checkout.

Make it easy to give the email address. Don’t ask for more information than you really need. The goal is to get the email address. After the form is submitted, it’s okay to ask for more information. Also, don’t ask visitors to enter their email address twice or to enter a CAPTCHA. Every additional thing you ask for will decrease your signup rate. Once you have the email address, stop asking for it and let them focus on shopping.

Give them a reason to share the email address.

  1. Make an offer – When there is an offer tied to giving the email address, the signup rate increases dramatically. I’ve seen triple digit increases in my testing.
  2. Sweepstakes – Contests are a great way to generate email addresses.
  3. Downloadable Content – Compelling how-to articles and product related content that is accessible once someone signs up is also a good technique for building an email list.

Get email addresses anywhere you can.

  1. Phones – make sure your Contact Center has a good script for requesting email addresses from callers. Something like “Can I have your email address so I can send you an order confirmation and to keep you updated on our specials?” works well.
  2. Order Forms – another great place to get email addresses is from the order form in direct mail package or catalog. Again, let them know the benefit (order confirmation and specials) and give them plenty of room to enter the email address.
  3. Facebook – there are several apps that allow you to collect email addresses from your Facebook page. Add a call to action on the cover photo of your Facebook page promoting the newsletter and letting visitors know how to sign up.
  4. Put a sign up link in your emails – if you have great offers in your emails, people will forward them to friends. A subscription link in the email then makes it easy for the friends to sign up.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to promote the email in your catalog and in outbound packages.


Thanks, Matt. Lots to think about here. We hope you post again soon.