Using Digital Marketing to Pull Shoppers into Retail Stores

Some think digital marketing is killing off retail stores, but the truth is it can save them. New research shows you how. Online may seem big, but 94% of sales happen elsewhere.


No doubt, retail store shopping can be frustrating. Two out of three consumers don’t find the information they need in-store. 43% leave frustrated. Consumers want more information and more customized experiences while shopping.2

Digital is a powerful way to pull shoppers into retail stores
Search results are a great way to drive consumers to stores. Three out of four shoppers who find helpful local information in search results are more likely to visit stores. Shoppers are inspired to stop by when they find in-store availability of an item, store location & hours, or pricing at a nearby retail location. But when that information isn’t available, one in four shoppers say they’ll steer clear of a nearby store altogether to avoid the risk of items not being available.


The lesson? Digital is a powerful way to pull into shoppers to retail stores. Local inventory ads allow retailers to provide details: Is a product is in stock at a nearby store? is one retailer using local inventory ads to show local in-store inventory to consumers while they’re on-the-go. Macy’s Group Vice President of Marketing Strategy Serena Potter says, “A shopper can take action if she sees that there are three pairs of shoes right now, in the size and color she wants, at a Macy’s that’s five blocks away.”


Digital is a bridge between consumers and stores
The consumer path to purchase is now mobile. Retailers providing relevant, local information via search and online presence (mobile app and site) increase both reach and engagement. While helping drive shoppers in-store, digital can also improve customers’ experience once there. And customized offers and recommendations will help retailers further distinguish themselves.