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Tweet chats are a thing. A group gets on Twitter and they all “Chat” within the group using hashtags. When I first heard of them I thought, “Seriously?” We tweet about Cat-U events and posts, so I see the Twitter stream, but it pretty much babbles along without my time or attention. If something blows up I check it. If I’m waiting for something I might check it, that’s about it. So why am I blogging about Tweet Chats? Because they’re a thing and, because they are a thing, they have a purpose, which is to engage with lots of people in short bursts for a limited period of time. Hundreds, or even thousands, of people passing notes to each other simultaneously. Interesting.

Once something is a thing, you shouldn’t try it because it’s a thing, but because the purpose of it works with your marketing strategy. The question isn’t “Should we try a Tweet Chat?” (or any new thing that comes along). In order for anything to be successful it requires time, attention and practice. The question is “How could we engage with lots of people in short bursts in a way that would help them, and offer value or entertainment?”

There are some interesting applications. That’s why it’s a thing.


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