Surprise—she’s not your customer!

Here are two catalogs that came in the mail recently, Leonisa and Venus.

Leonisa Catalog

Venus Catalog

They are both strong covers, both have strong messaging, though Venus is the clear winner on that front. You would think that I would be giving them both big thumbs up, but I’m not. They were completely wasted, would have gone right in the trash had I not been a blogger of all things catalog.

Those of you who know me may be thinking hold the phone, she talks a good game on fitness, says she goes to the gym, and she loves the beach, where one would hope she wears a suit. (I do.) Everyone wants to see themselves as younger than they are, and though this is pushing the envelope, its not impossible that she would open the catalog and find something she liked. Not perfect, but not an epic fail. So what’s the problem? Well, these catalogs didn’t come to me. They were addressed to my 85 year old mother. I just can’t see mom engaging with either of these, and frankly the thought is awkward.

So what is going on here? Recency and frequency. My mother is hooked on publisher’s clearinghouse. She buys a lot of clothes online, as well as the bulk of her presents. To most co-op models she’s a hottie and, if you don’t factor in age, she might fit the model for both of these.

The moral of this story is: check your selects, know your customer, don’t overlook the obvious.