SEO and Pay-Per-Click – Split Focus

There is a lot going on with search theses days. Google’s new algorithm, dubbed Hummingbird, is powering results based on content rather than keywords, meta tags and other user supplied information. This is an effort to stop unscrupulous vendors from “keyword stuffing” and outright lying about what their sites contain. This week Catalog University added a Paid Search Class with Chris Middings that ponders some of the more interesting aspects of these changes on paid search and how to overcome them. (One of the great things about my job is I get to watch all classes.)

SEO should focus on content

There’s no way around it anymore, content is king. The quality and relevance of the content on your site are now what determines who gets shown your site by Google. Chris has some more factors as well but these are the most important.

Paid Search focuses on keywords

Even though results are being served up because of relevant content, paid search is still dependent on the keywords you select and, as Chris points out, don’t select or actively choose to exclude. This is an important distinction to consider when you look at your web site and search strategy together.

If you are interested in better understanding how to improve your website’s content for Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm Jason Sawtell of Skywords will be giving a free talk on February 12th in the Cat-U Pub on Enhancing SEO with Smart Copy.

Sarah Fletcher
Creative Director Catalog Design Studios Inc.
Co-Founder Catalog University