Matte Paper



A creative director called me and said that the matte paper they’ve been using isn’t showing off the product…darker items look like ink blobs.

I smiled from ear to ear.

While still smiling, I replied that the catalogs from the prior year were printed on a coated (glossy) stock. The team could quickly compare the two. Ahhh…yes. Much better on glossy stock. The merchandise details are noticeable, differentiated, visible.

Let’s also look at the data. How have the core items been selling year over year?  Ohhh…not as strong. How have returns been on items with details, embellishments, accoutrements?  Hmmm…higher.

Maybe, just maybe, the idea of selling more items (and keeping them sold) is starting to be more important than the fad of matte paper.

And to close with my usual mantra…Test. Your customers will let you know.

Gina Valentino

Dean of Marketing,

Catalog University