Marketers Kiss and Tell…Stronger Revenue for Valentine’s Day

Yesterday (1/5/15) the first Valentine’s Catalog arrived in my mailbox…a catalog filled with delicious looking confections!  Since I’ve not previously purchased from this company, I’d consider myself a prospect (and a very good one at that!)  The catalog sure made me stop and look, but the brutal reality of marketing sweets in January has to do with the $60+ billion dollar diet industry combined with the fact that Valentine’s Day is almost six weeks away.

So what’s a marketer to do?

  1. Segment your first mailing to mail only to those customers who ordered early last year. The data shows these customers order early, so be in front of them.
  2. When mailing more to only those customers who ordered early last year, include a compelling ORDER EARLY promotion. Whether it’s a discount, or a free ribbon, or free personalization, or a free sample confection…do something that will motivate a BUY NOW purchase!
  3. If your system can handle it, an excellent promotion is BUY NOW, SHIP LATER or BUY NOW, CHOOSE YOUR DELIVERY DATE. This is a marketer’s dream promotion because there are no additional marketing dollars to spend (no discounts!) and the merchants love you because there is no margin erosion.
  4. If you must limit your circulation, mail to only those customers who do not have a promotable email address. Every test shows (particular to segments with a demographic over 45 years young) that multiple touch points through multiple channels has the strongest performing Return On Investment (ROI.) Yet, sometimes budget cuts and corporate directives may limit your mail quantity. In that situation, mail to those customers who won’t be contacted with email.
  5. Another best practice is to mail to business addresses (also known as four-line addresses) because companies typically have a longer decision process and you need to be in the “consideration pile” sooner rather than later.

Test mailing early to ensure multiple contacts throughout the entire six weeks from New Year’s Day to Valentine’s Day.  Test the timing of mailings, including an inhome  the week of Valentine’s Day (Feb 9-13.) Remember, closer to the time of need is when customers respond. And in 2015, Valentine’s Day falls on Saturday.  This is great news if you can fulfill orders on Friday the 13th for next day delivery! Hey, there’s a promotion…FREE UPGRADE to next day delivery!


Gina Valentino

Dean of Marketing,
President, Hemisphere Marketing, LLC


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