Are you ready for the next Google algorithm change?

Yes friends, it is happening again. Google’s last update, titled Hummingbird, favored content. Mobile-friendly is the next requirement for good search rankings. On April 21st Google is changing its algorithm to favor mobile. If your site is already mobile optimized you can sit back and bask in what will probably be a nice boost in the rankings. If you are not mobile optimized you are going to take a hit. How much of a hit is something only Google knows.

How do you determine your mobile ranking?

Thankfully Google has created a helpful tool for you to determine if a site, yours or anyone else’s, is mobile friendly. Click here to check your site.  If you have been holding off on upgrading your site, and you aren’t sure how important this really is, be sure to quantify the changes. It will take a few days for the new search changes to show up, so start checking your traffic on April 23rd. You will know within a few days just how much mobile-friendly is worth to the bottom line.

Are your competitors mobile-friendly?

Check on your competitors. If they are not mobile optimized you’ll be eating their lunch for a while. Make use of that time. If they are mobile optimized see if their ranking changes in relation to yours and figure out why, good or bad. You can get somewhat accurate information for other sites using SEMrush, Keyword Spy or several other online tools.

See this as an opportunity

While this can be viewed as another Googlagedon forced upon you by a thoughtless and heartless master, it is also a remarkable opportunity to see what happens with these changes. This isn’t the last one coming, so you might as figure out how to learn from it.

Let us know if you see anything interesting!


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