On Amazon, Everyone is Already in the Cart


Search is a tremendous way to sell — your ad shows only to someone actively searching for what you sell, at the precise moment they’re searching for it. You can customize the ad to match their intent and pick the webpage their click lands on. They would be a fool not to buy, right? Turns out it’s not that easy.


So many things can go wrong from the moment they click your ad to actually checking out on your website. Maybe your site is slow, or their connection is. Maybe they want to comparison shop. Maybe they don’t want to set up yet another account. Maybe they’ve never heard of you, wonder if you’re legitimate, or if you’re a security risk. Maybe they need the item quickly and aren’t willing to pay expedited shipping costs. Maybe their kid woke up early from their nap. Maybe something — anything — is throwing them off. Which is why ad vehicles like Google Ads convert at around 3-4%. 3 or 4 out of 100 clickers will buy.


Consider Advertising on Amazon

What if you wanted to increase your conversion rate to 30% or 40%? You can. Just buy the ad on Amazon instead of Google. On Amazon, everyone is already in the cart. They trust the site, its prices, and its security. The site is fast and reliable, welcomes comparison shopping, and they already have an account. They believe if it exists, they can find it on Amazon. Prime Members know their order will show up in two days or less (including weekends).


Today, the majority of e-commerce searches are on Amazon (RetailDive). eMarketer states that 47% of e-commerce sales happen there. According to Forbes, nearly half of Amazon customers say they will always check prices there before purchasing on another site or retail location.

Most commerce is boring. 90% of what people buy is not exciting, it’s something to get out of the way — “More of this, please.” But Amazon is more than that — it’s a problem solver. With more than 353 million products, it’s a find-a-product, solve-my-problem search engine: what’s a good gift for my father-in-law, what’s the next book my daughter should read, can I get the part I need for my showerhead? Each search has buyer intent and is further down the sales funnel than those performed on Google.

Why Retail Marketers Are Shifting Ad Dollars To Amazon

With its easy-to-measure return-on-investment (ROI), retail marketers are shifting advertising dollars to Amazon and away from Facebook and Google. Amazon’s large, affluent, and active shopper base is compelling to marketers. Feedvisor’s “Brands & Amazon” report found that retail marketers view Amazon as a driver of net new business, and that 80% of Amazon customers use the platform to identify new products or brands. By advertising on Amazon you access a large audience of shoppers so loyal to Amazon they rarely consider purchasing elsewhere.


In Summary

If you want to get the most bang for your advertising buck, consider Amazon as a good investment. The Amazon customer is already in the cart, ready to purchase a product — why shouldn’t that product be yours?


Don’t know where to start? Lean Edge Marketing offers Amazon Advertising Services. (Full disclosure, I do some work with Lean Edge Marketing.)